Saturday, April 16, 2011

So, here I am...

Yes, so here I am.  I'm new to this, so please bear with me!  My intention is to post my progress on my crosstitching success, and possibly frustrating failures, and share with you all the exciting news about the harrowing experiences of my precious crosstiching. Yes, my dog often grabs my crosstich!  One of the children usually find her trying to have a good chew on either the end of my Q-snap, the ravelling ends of my fabric, or chewing a a skein of floss off a bobbin.  Trust me, once a dog has slobbered and chewed on your floss, it's no longer usable!

I'm currently working on a piece from Heaven and Earth Designs called Daisy Fairy.  I was introduced to HAED in 2009 by my good friend Vani.  It's one of those addictions that you thank people for.  I was most willing to try it, because there is no backstitching (which I hate!).  So I reluctantly switched from very easy 14ct colour patterns to 25ct black and white patterns!  Quite the switch, but I haven't looked back.  I have recently changed to 18ct to save my eyesight, but the coverage and look of the stitching is still great.  We'll see how it looks finished.


  1. Yea, happy to see u! I love your Daisy Fairy. seriously cannot wait until u get to the fairy!!!

  2. first, i love the title of your blog, made me laugh, and i am seriously impressed with all your haeds, and like Vani looking forward to seeing your fairy but well done on the progress!